O be careful little tongue what you say
For the Father up above
Is looking down in love
So be careful little tongue what you say.

I wish I could always have the right words. The type of words that right wrongs and help the hurt. The type of words the fill the void and give back.

We tend to forget about our words. We use them more than almost anything else, yet we think about them less than any thing (one) else.

Words build … Words tear down.  
Words help …  Words hurt. 
Words love …   Words hate. 

But there are people behind those words. In the end it is not the words we end up marred by. It is not even the way the words are constructed or where they are place. It is the person who said or wrote the words.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me …

Right now it seems as if all the words being thrown around are building, but not building us up as believers in Christ or building us up as friends or family. Our words are building walls. Walls so high that our friends and families are cowering or hiding. Our politics have made us “do or die” people. They seem to have made us abandon our conscience at the very same time we are telling others to vote their conscience. It is hard to vote in a direction we seemed to have lost.

We have turned everything into sides of the aisle or have provided aggressive approaches. Everything has a label, except for our words. One can hardly address another in this political climate without feeling like something was directed at them. Our words are like bullets shot from a gun, intentionally directed and fired. But like bullets and guns, our words stray. They are put into the wrong hands, or young childlike hands, and fired inappropriately. No guidance. No protection. Words wound. Words hurt. Words full of definitive things many don’t fully support.

So much separation. So much division. So. Much. Hatred.

Where are those that build? Where are those that help? Where are those that love?

Our thoughts, our words, our personalities have become so polarized we have lost our way. As followers of Christ we are to sit and listen to the Lord. Loving Him with all of our heart, soul, and might (Deut 6:5). We are told through the Words of scripture that they will know we are His by our love for one another (John 13:35). Our words, they are the same as everyone else’s. Filled with equal amounts of distaste, disdain, and distrust.

As we listen to pastors teach on the books of Moses, we often mock the Israelites. They complained, they wandered, “but they should have trusted and seen.” We have the Word of God, yet we complain, we wander, “we should have trusted and seen.”

As others see our tirade on social media about our “rights”, candidates, and movements what words are they seeing? So as others see ours they don’t see a difference. What difference do they see from the Christian community and those outside of it? Why is our rhetoric no different?

We have lost our way. We have lost it in our footpath. We have lost it in our words.


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