Yes, this is a post about Valentine’s Day, on the day before Valentine’s Day …



Scrolling through my newsfeed, twitter-feed, blog reel (and every other form of social media that could possibly exist) this morning I realized everyone was hating on Valentine’s day. Many of my friends have admitted to me that they don’t like Valentine’s day, while I sit awkwardly trying not to agree or disagree with them. Let’s be real here, I love to love things. I thought about starting this post with all the things I love, but I realize that no one really cares about the 5 million things I love. I love a lot of things. I love to love things and people and places and pets and …

sorry, almost broke my promise not to list the things I love.

I love love so much that I even have a Spotify playlist dedicated to it – it’s called “Lovely,” because I’m original. Valentine’s day reminds me of all the things that I love. It reminds me to show people I love them, and yes I do this with absolutely an absolutely ridiculous package of cards from a box in a grocery store with things like superheros and cartoons. People like to be reminded that they are liked and thought about and cared about and *gasp* loved. You know how I know this? Because I too like feeling that way.

What happened to the golden rule we were all taught as children? Treat others how you want to be treated? You want to be liked and you want to be loved, so why don’t we show that to others? Why do we hate on the day that is filled with hearts and chocolate and candy and cards and flowers? Yeah, it is incredibly commercialized. Yeah, it is trivial. Yeah, your eyes may physically hurt from the terrible combinations of purples, pinks, reds, and on occasion an odd shade of yellow mixed into the middle. BUT, people want to be reminded you care.

Usually I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day because I’m single, and I used to feel bad or sad for myself. This year something changed (and no, it was not my relationship status). I realized, I really love the people, places, and things that are in my life. I looked at the blessings that fill my life and the opportunity to bless others – which I do not take these opportunities nearly as often as I should. So, I did something different. I looked outwardly instead of inwardly.

It is that same concept or feeling around Thanksgiving or Christmas when people volunteer in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. They are blessed and want to bless others during a time when it is easy to feel sad and alone. Valentine’s day is commercialized and people forget where it came from or why it exists, but it doesn’t mean we should hate on it and only look inwardly at our own thoughts/feelings. Telling myself to stop being so selfish isn’t easy, and it isn’t even truth I want to give myself, but I give myself a lot of things and I use the “I’m single” excuse all the time. I don’t have other people I “have” to buy things for, I have people I want to buy things for or get to buy things for.

I am surrounded by people who may not ever say “I like that you like me” or “I need to be reminded that someone likes me today”. So without them ever saying it or starting to show that they may feel unloved or unliked, I (we all) have the opportunity to show that to them.

So in short, I love love. I love to love. And yeah, I love Valentine’s day. But it should be less about me and more about others.

That is how we were meant to live anyway, showing others love.


One thought on “Lovely

  1. 🙂 your post is the first post that I read after a while not being on wordpress. And I am so glad it is yours. I read it from the beginning to end and love it.

    Even though I always thought of Valentine as a romantic day, I agree with you about loving others, showing love, treat people better 🙂 love it.

    Thanks for writing.

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