Ebenezer – Stone of Help

Something I have come to realize is that the Father has blessed me in so many ways. Not always in ways that can be seen as much as felt. Yet as I sit here procrastinating to finish packing my things for yet another adventure, I realize He has blessed me with adventure. He has blessed me with love and provision.

Coming back from China wasn’t easy, and isn’t always easy in the day-to-day. I’ve noticed it does get easier. In my return He has given me odd jobs to give me a little extra money. I’ve cleaned houses, I’ve babysat, I planned to wash cars – then it snowed. He has given me friends that are willing to store furniture I purchased. He has given me friends who want to give me their furniture and are willing to store it until I get my own place to live. He has given me friends in my new city that have parents willing to let me stay there until I find my own place. My friends are so different from one another and they each have their own gifts and they love in their own way. In my efforts to tell them I’ll pay them back or I want to do something for them, they laugh and say, “this is what community looks like”.

I’ve seen what an Acts community looks like. They have sent me out so many times and welcome me with the biggest arms, hearts, and smiles. They have done what is written in Acts, they have shared what they have to benefit others. They share their time and their resources. They share their love and their hugs. They freely pray. They freely give. They freely love.

They prayed along side me for the Father to provide me a job. He did. They prayed along side me for a place to stay in the new city. He gave. They prayed along side me for the Father to provide me a vehicle. He provided. Now we pray for financial things to be taken care of. I know He will …

In praying for many of these things and seeking through scripture, I found the word “ebenezer” and its meaning “stone of help”. My car’s name is Ebenezer* (or Ebby for short), because it is a reminder to me that the Father answers our prayers. He hears us when we call out to Him. He has not forgotten any of our needs.

As I get ready for a brand new adventure, and I feel blessed to have so many of them, I realize that He is my stone of help. He is my rock and my salvation. He will never leave me. He will hear my cries. He is my God and I am His girl.

I’m incredibly thankful for the journeys He has given me and this new journey to come.


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