Even Them …

Few things touch me quite like hearing languages foreign to these ears.

Sitting in a tiny space with over 20 locals and hearing them joyfully
pouring themselves out in song reminds me, Even Them.

These are His people. The people unknown to the rest of the world, but held closely to His heart. These are the unforgotten. These are the remembered. Even Them.

These are the voices of the nations.

He came for them.

Even Them.

This is one of those moments my heart is not quiet. This is when my heart beats so loudly it almost drowns out their voices.

Yet with every beat of my heart, I hear: “Even Them”

Bodies sway.

Eyes closed.

Hands outstretched.

Tears fall.

Hearts open.

Minds focused.

Even them. “Even Them”, I hear whispered in my untrained ears.

They are His. Even Them.


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