Oh China …

Living here there are some days that are deemed “Oh China” days. Some times “Oh China” is just the only thing you can say about a given situation, because nothing else really seems to fit that moment. For example:

A little over a month ago I was sitting in my apartment and the electricity went off and remained off for about two hours. This happened everyday at the same time of day for roughly the same amount of time. There wasn’t any warning the first few days and my roommate and I eventually found out it would happen all week. So we made plans not to be home when that happened. All we could say was “Oh China”.

One night my roommate and I were watching a crime show online and off went the electricity. We both yelled a little. We went in search of as many candles as we could find. We set up camp in the living room and just decided to sleep. Around midnight the electricity came back on which was a rude awakening. Whoops.

In March, our landlord started banging on our apartment door at 11pm on a Wednesday night. She knew someone would be home that late in the middle of the week. Apparently our rent for the year was due and we didn’t know it. So she came to tell us … at 11 pm. Her husband was there holding their little dog.

One day I was standing at a bus stop waiting on one of the busses. The bus I needed came into sight and then kept going. The driver just decided he wasn’t going to stop at that station that day. So he went on to the next one.

While this is nowhere near all of the “Oh China” moments I’ve had this year, or even this month … they definitely keep China life very, VERY interesting.


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