The 7 Emotions iFelt Watching my iPad Dismantled

China is the land of knock offs. Any brand you love dearly in America, you can find here, but probably not the real thing. There are “Apple” stores everywhere,but hey sell everything from Samsung to Nokia to Apple products.

I’ve lived in Middle Country (literal translation of China, 中国) for 8 months. I’ve had my iPad for 8 1/2 months. Last week my iPad made the tragic leap into shattered screen land. So I desperately “needed” to have it fixed. One of my local Chinese friends “knows a guy” so I took it to him. These are the 7 emotions I felt watching my iPad being dismantled over a four hour period in order to have the screen replaced.

Hour 1 – Sadness

Poor little Igor, my precious little baby iPad has to undergo a surgical procedure to switch out the screen.

The guy took my iPad completely apart so he could replace the screen… Umm excuse you, who do you think you are? ¡No tocas por favor!

Hour 2 – Concern

Umm, sir. Yeah, excuse me. Why the heck do you have to take everything apart in order to replace the screen?! This is unnecessary. Please, please can I have Igor back?!

Oh, wait… I see. There is a sensor and some wiring attached you have to detach. Sorry for freaking out.

Hour 2 – Respect

As in, “Respect bro”.

Ok, I got you. You’re just dismantling Igor to make sure sensors and things on the new screen will work properly. Ahhh, ok. You can keep going.

Hey, what are you … What are you doing now … ?

Hour 3 – Concern

Wait, why are you taking everything back out again and unscrewing everything? Are you wanting to replace the parts for fakes and sell them on the black market … Or the market …? IGOR! I won’t let the bad man hurt you!

Oh wait … I see what you did there.

Hour 3 – Understanding

Ah, I see. The home button wasn’t working so you had to take it apart and attempt to rewire it.

Woohoo! Home stretch!

Hour 4 – Excitement

Yay, Igor is being reassembled! I’m going to hug him and protect him and tell him I love him.

Oh gosh, sir …

Hour 4 – Frustration, Confusion, Sadness, Concern

Ummm … Why did you just take everything apart again? Why are you asking me to leave him over night? What is going on?

Someone HELP!

Poor Igor, the home button still didn’t work properly, the screen wasn’t all the way in the iPad, and the guy wanted me to leave it over night. I had been sternly warned not to let anyone leave the room with my iPad or keep it overnight. Many times foreigners will have parts missing or replaced with fakes and the real parts sold. Oh joy. Yes, please rip me off in a place where I can’t go to a legitimate shop to have my screen replaced. I agreed to go back a few days later so he could try again.

Here is for hoping he gets it right the next time …


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