What I Found in Hong Kong

I did it. Yes, I made it to and from Hong Kong with only minor hiccups. One of which was missing my flight home. Ooops! – I was able to get on the next flight out, only 1 hour after my flight left. – Still the trip was a total of 48 hours.

Yep. It happened.

Fastest. Trip. Ever. (For me anyway).

I took my journey alone and I did a little looking into my own life within these 48 hours. In reality, 48 hours is really not all that much. Not after factoring in transportation, checking in/out of hotels, etc., so less than 48 hours of just looking digging into my own life.

I learned a big thing about myself, one that when I realized it I was not completely sure I wanted to share it with the World Wide Web. It is something I have kind of wondered about, but alas … I have found out for sure. To be honest, I’m not going to share exactly what I learned about myself, a little too personal for anyone and everyone to have access to, sorry not sorry.

Traveling makes me happy. It makes my inner-being  heart soul … that is it, it makes my soul happy. It puts me at ease and makes me all giddy to see how different and how similar people all over the world are. I haven’t traveled many places, but I’ve been to four different continents (including the one I am from) and I’ve seen things. I’ve done things. I’ve been places. I’ve learned new things. I’ve tasted the food and walked the streets and looked with wonder…

This trip, though, made me realize something. It made me realize that I need people. When I travel alone I become something/someone I’m not usually. Normally, I am extraverted and outgoing and willing to do just about anything to make others laugh or have a good time. When I travel alone, completely alone, I am quiet. I become shy. I realized the only times I actually spoke on this journey was when I was communicating out of necessity, not out of desire.

People are where it’s at. For me, anyway.

This trip was a little more difficult for me and it was the shortest. Normally I would soak it in and do anything and everything I could to see as much as possible. Not this time. This time it was rainy. Rain is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. It rained. My heart leaped a little knowing that something much larger, a higher power, my Father was watching me every step of the way. For some reason I needed to remember that more this time than ever before.

I enjoyed my trip. The flowers were beautiful. The cool breeze and the rain warmed my heart. Heck, I had Starbucks and McDonald’s and found books in English (and bought cookie cutters, YAY!). I had a nice trip. It reminded me to never take for granted the people I hold so dear.

Sometimes it is nice to be reminded to not take the good things I have for granted: friends, family (many friends fall into this category), wine, chocolate, quiet, books in English, wifi…

It is easy to take those things for granted when they are so readily accessible. They were ohhh so accessible in America. Living in my home country is not something I feel I am supposed to do, at least not forever. So I jumped the pond and moved abroad. I love it here. Absolutely adore it. I love the people I’m spending time with, the friends I’m making, and the things I’m involved with on a daily basis. This is my life and it is the best ever, because it is mine. Not someone else’s. But I need to live in community, with people. Within the 48 hour trip I kept feeling like my journey (while in China) is about to change. Although I’m unsure completely what that means, I’m excited to go through this next journey with friends, family, wine …, and new adventures.

I found that I am not made to be alone, but among community. Yet, I still need to take the time alone and just search. Search for who I am. Search for who I am called to be. Search for bigger things than just myself. This lesson seems appropriate as Christmas and the New Year approaches.

For more photos from Hong Kong, click here!


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