Hong Kong, I’m Coming For You

Sometimes there are just those journeys we have to go about alone. These journeys (metaphorical or actual physical journeys) help us find who we are, reflect on the things we haven’t taken the time (or wanted to take the time) to look at in our own lives.

In a few hours I will be on a plane headed to Hong Kong. Alone. This is the first time I’ve ever traveled somewhere without the intentions of meeting a friend or acquaintance at my destination. Thailand, two months ago, was the closest I had ever come to that. I met a friend for lunch at a mall a couple of hours before I headed back to China.

This time is different. This time I take the journey alone.

I’ve decided I’m only taking a messenger bag that includes basic necessities only. My journey is only 47 hours. Literally, 47 hours. This is unless flights are delayed. I don’t need much in my daily life, so 47 hours journey means I’m taking toothpaste, tooth brush, shorts and t-shirt for sleeping, a Book, another book, camera, and my iPad. That is it. That’s all I need.

Being on a tourist visa, I’m required to exit the country every 60 days until I receive either a work or student visa. Both are currently being looked into. So this has given me the opportunity to do some self discovery and see the world in a way I never expected.

I’ll be surrounded by people and things. I’ll be an observer. Looking into myself, a new adventure, and at a completely new place.

So Hong Kong, I’m coming for you. I’m coming to see what you will teach me about the world. What you will show me about who I am, completely alone; just me, my thoughts, and a world of opportunity.

I am coming with an open mind, pen, paper, and a camera.

Show me something new.


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