I AM Leslie Knope

Good television writers(and I mean truly good ones) have the ability to make their characters relatable to those watching their shows. Some times too relatable. And in this case … it hits super close to home.

About a year ago one of my friends jokingly told me I had Leslie Knope tendencies. I had no idea who the heck Leslie Knope was. That was until I started watching Parks and Recreation.

Holy Crap!

I AM Leslie Knope…

So I have compiled a list of how I relate to am Leslie Knope. (This is not exhaustive because you would get exhausted and never read my posts again…)


I know way too much about my home town and could probably write a book about it.

Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America

I have strong negative feelings about the town next to us. 

At one point I wanted to be the President of the United States of America.

I LOVE WAFFLES! (and all other breakfast foods, including bacon – especially bacon)

I had an “April” that worked for me for awhile, and I hugged her … a lot.

My “April” married the “Andy” that worked for me.

I worked with a “Ron” for awhile (although he wasn’t my boss, he and Ron share many similarities)

I took office parties (and gatherings in general) way too seriously

Sometimes I do unhealthy things …

I have very strong feelings toward Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

There are plenty of other reasons I am compared to Leslie Knope, but these are the best ones for now.

Look out for my next post on how I am also Liz Lemon.


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