It’s All a Dream

Everyone has a dream.

Some may dream to sing. Some dream to be a doctor. Some dream to become a writer. And some dream to travel the world.

I have many dreams, even now in my mid-20s I have many dreams. One of my dreams is to visit as many countries as possible. Live in them. Meet the people. Hear their stories. Cry with them. Laugh with them. Be part of their lives. Learn their culture and language…

Traveling, like many things, is a challenge. It takes money and time and energy and a willingness to conquer the challenge of language. Yet it all seems so worth it.

The other day I sat down and thought about the places I have been and how blessed I have been by going to each place and doing each thing. It all seems like some sort of hazy dream. Not quite real. Barely a memory. Maybe someone else’s memories being retold to me.

Recounting the memories of the places I’ve traveled to, the things I’ve seen, the foods I’ve eaten, and the friends I’ve made reminds me of how much more is out there. These are the memories I never want to lose. The vivid images of faces and places that I want to stay etched into my mind. An encouragement to do and see more.

May my adventures never become lost hazy dreams, but always vivid memories and encouragements to keep going, seeing, doing, and meeting.

Below are pictures from the trips I took (outside of the US) between 2006-now.

S. Korea-2013


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