The Taxi Driver that Tried

So as I have mentioned in posts past, I don’t speak Chinese. Living in China, in a city it is often necessary to take a taxi, especially when living on one side of town but working on the complete opposite side of town.

I left work the other day and intended to take a bus home. However, I missed the first bus (due to buying a water to keep from dehydration … hey I live in the mountains ok!). Then the second bus didn’t even stop … even though I was practically in the middle of the road holding money for my intended bus ride. Since I wasn’t able to take the bus, I hailed a cab. I attempted to tell the driver where I live. He seemed to understand, but then I showed him the address written in English, Pinyin, and Chinese on my phone. He made a sound like he actually knew where he was supposed to go. – Think back to that last post from the Pink Panther … yeah, see how that works? – He started trying to talk to me in Chinese. My response was, “Sorry, I don’t speak Chinese” in my best shot at Chinese.

The driver proceeded to try and have a conversation with me. It was in Chinglish. He tried to ask me something and I didn’t know what he was asking so I started saying random words that I knew in Chinese. So basically I gave him a grocery list of fruits and vegetables and told him how many I wanted. He started laughing and then tried to respond with things in English. His English was way better than my ability to give a grocery list in Chinese. He also attempted to teach me things in Chinese… I remember nothing of what he tried to teach me. The entire car ride he tried to talk to me. It was almost as funny as every Chinese language lesson I’ve had since being here. Every time I would tell him I didn’t understand he would say something random in English, pretty much what I did when he said something to me in Chinese.

At one point, soon before he dropped me off, he asked me what American’s think about Snowden. That I did understand – mainly because he said “Měiguó” and “Snowden” and then he looked at me and waited for a response. There was no way I could give him an educated response in Chinese. The only words that came to my mind were “bú hăo” (not good, bad) and “hĕn hăo” (very good). So I told him I didn’t understand what he was saying. Yeah, I lied to a taxi driver. I’m glad to have that off my chest.

This was my humorous run in with a taxi driver that tried.


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