Birthday Extravaganza

Two weeks ago marked my 25th birthday. WHA…T?! How am I 25 already…?

But you know what? I love birthdays. I mean I freaking love them! Family and friends and cake and candy and … it is the best holiday ever!

Ok, maybe it isn’t the best “holiday” ever and it isn’t the only one I love. Pretty much all holidays I love equally. Holidays mean family, friends, and food. Lots and lots of food. Holidays are my favorite because of the idea of sharing ones life with others. Being an extraverted people person I love Love LOVE being around people and sharing my life with others.

But, my life is now being shared with new people. These new people shared my birthday with me in a new way and they did it in multiple parts, which the group labeled “Birthday Extravaganza”. Let me tell you… it was an extravagant birthday indeed.

Part I
The group took me to eat Korean BBQ, which is absolutely delicious if you are unaware. It was equally as good as the Korean BBQ I ate in Korea in mid-March. So yeah… fabulous

Part II
They bought me a cake from one of the bakeries in our city, it was a yellow cake with cherry filling, whipped frosting (one of my best friends would love this … Yes Nakeli, I’m talking about you), chocolate shavings on the side, and chocolate covered cherries on top. Yum freakin’ delish!

I almost failed to mention the horrifyingly wonderful firework of a candle that was on top. See video clip for total birthday candle awesomeness. (Apparently the video will not load to the blog… eh I’ll work on that).

Part III
Then we went back to their apartment for a movie. We watched the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Guess who picked the movie? … Yeah it was me. No shame. It is a favorite. What is better than eating cake with chocolate shavings and chocolate covered cherries and watching a movie about chocolate? Nothing. That is what. Nothing is better than that.

Part IV
The next day they took me for a foot massage. Which turned out, one of the girls that went with us had this amazing Chinese Groupon deal and it wasn’t just a foot massage, it was an all out massage. HELLO! I have never had a massage before that day. Let’s just say I felt super pampered and oh so thankful for the three of them! It was a super fancy place, I mean everything was pretty much bedazzled. It was great! I did find out, however, that I’m ticklish in places I had no idea about… Anyway, that is enough about that. No questions please…

Part V
Well, there wasn’t an official part five, but I am going to count it anyway because it was within the week. Three of us hiked Xi Shan (pronounced -loosely- like “shee shaun”). There were so many flowers, which made me ridiculously happy. Favorite quote from the hike is attributed to Allison, “The best way to love a flower is to leave it alone. If you pick it, it will die. If it dies, did you really love it?” No Allison, picking it would not be loving it. Life lessons.

The title was fitting for how awesome my birthday was.

Thanks for a great first birthday in China! Excited to see what this year holds.


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