Adventure of a Solo Artist

It isn’t an adventure if it isn’t raining, you don’t get lost, and your shoes don’t end up smelling like a used cloth diaper.

Confession: I’m not an artist, unless you count making homemade Reese’s cups (which I did that today). Then I’m an artist. I did go on an accidental adventure solo though. So I’m halfway there, right?

Today was my first day of teaching. I was so excited that I took the bus like a big girl all the way to my new job by myself (obviously not counting the 30 other people on the bus). So let’s just say I was a little overly confident in my ability to get back on my own.

Leaving work I headed over to the bus stop, mind you there are two facing each other and they service the same buses. So I hoped on the bus number that had been so helpfully provided. I was shocked as the bus came to a stop and everyone got off … including the driver. Turns out, that was the end of the line for the bus.

*Side note: a Chinese woman looked just as confused and walked in a circle … twice. So I decided to not do that.

I did walk (in the wrong direction, in the rain – rain didn’t bother me but thought it was valuable to the story) to find a bus stop. Busses kept passing by and I figured there had to be one near. Wrong. So I turned around (also I was humming “Turn around, every now and then I get a little more …” Ok so the humming isn’t true, but now it is stuck in your head. No apologies), back tracked a bit and turned on a more promising road. Eventually I found a bus stop, but not before my cloth flats had been walked through several puddles and now reek of wet foot stank.

After initially writing this while on the bus, an elderly lady attempted to tell me there was a seat available if I wanted it. Confused and not fully understanding I let go of the rail meant to steady balance, the bus driver slammed on the breaks for a traffic light, I fell flat on my butt in front of the empty chair the lady was trying to point out to me. Feeling slightly embarrassed and thinking things looked familiar at that particular bus stop, I got off the bus. Only to realize I was four stops away from where I actually needed to get off the bus.

I write this to tell you always ALWAYS know where the bus line ends and don’t get on that one. Also, never let go of the overhead hand rail, always know which is your stop, and cloth flats plus rain equal stank nasty feet.


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