Burgers, Fries, and an American Stereotype

Burgers and Fries

Sometimes I wonder how certain stereotypes came to be. That is until I catch myself in the middle of one … or more of them. Then I realize, “oh yeah … people like me”.

Americans are often stereotyped, just like any other culture. We are occasionally labeled as lazy and wearing sweatpants and t-shirts. – Granted there are plenty of other stereotypes about Americans, this just happens to be the most applicable one for today.

Side note: feel free to cue up Toby Keith’s “Proud to be an American” and listen to this as you imagine the following:

Today, I caught myself as I was halfway to pickup my carry-out lunch from a near by restaurant. Yeah, I definitely had on yoga pants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. But, if it makes it any better the sweatshirt is one I would consider “nice” … Maybe it doesn’t make it any better. I’m trying, OK! Then again, I also had the messy “I just woke up” bun on the top of my head with bobby pins trying to hold down the fly-aways I had going on up there. So maybe not any better after all. Imagine my nappy self walking through two busy blocks looking like a hot mess and the only laowei (foreigner, or whitey as I refer to myself) in sight. Yes, America, this is who you have representing your country in China. I apologize for my disrespect.

In my defense, American women usually look at yoga pants as the “classier” sweatpants … No? Eh … I admit, I just fed the American stereotype Burgers and Fries.*

As I walked back to my apartment, partially hanging my head in shame, I noticed the knock-off KFC across the street from my apartment building with a sign that reads:

“Burgers and Fries
English Menu”

So thanks America for the worldwide stereotype of fast food, burgers and fries.



* Burgers and Fries analogy is a knock-off of an Amalie original stereotype analogy. (Hope you are ok with me stealing your original idea…)
** The photo is from the knock-off KFC across the street from my apartment. 

*** Yes, I really went out like this:

One thought on “Burgers, Fries, and an American Stereotype

  1. Pretty sure at some point we all further the stereotypes whether we want to or not. But we can also do quite a bit to undo them too thankfully! Hope all is well. I’ll be getting there soon enough. August 25th.

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