Farewell for now…

I have some pretty amazing friends. I do. My friends have thrown me parties and have made sure my last month, weeks, and days have been unforgettable. Unforgettable these memories will be. Sometimes friends become more than just friends, they become family.

Let me tell you about these friends I call family. These friends have been a God send. They have been there through thick and thin. Through good and bad. Through my best days and my worst (pretty much when I was being my worst). These friends have been a shoulder to cry on, a hug to be had, and an encouraging word to be heard. These friends have pushed me in the right direction, have held me to a higher standard, and have made any place they are home.
My friends are more family to me than they (you) will ever know. Saying goodbye (or see you later) is far harder to actually process than I thought. It honestly hasn’t hit me that I am leaving. Leaving this time is not like when I went to Venezuela for a week. Or the time I went to Italy for a week. Or even when I went to South Korea. No, this is much longer, 52 time longer for sure (possible 104 times longer…). So saying goodbye this time is quite different. I haven’t really sat down and processed everything yet. Even writing this  I feel like it is surreal. It isn’t real yet. I will probably be the weird girl at the airport bawling like a big baby. The poor people that end up next to me on the plane (or even in the terminal for that matter) are going to become very uncomfortable and look around for pity from other passengers because they got stuck sitting next to me, the crier. I usually cry at the drop of a hat, over spilled milk, and when I see bunnies and babies playing together. Anything can make me cry, it is a good release of any type of emotion. However, saying goodbye for an extended period of time hasn’t set me on the cry train yet. Soon, soon shall I be crying and grasping tight to the memories of my loved ones.
This is not goodbye forever but a farewell for now.

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