The Most Common Question…

This is a bit late, seeing as how this post should have been yesterday … Oopsy!

As I prepare for the big move, the most common question I have been getting is, “how do you pack for a move like this?” I haven’t really known how to answer this until I started packing (officially yesterday…). Reading every blog post and looking over the suggested packing list sent to me does nothing until I actually decided to put all of my belongings in suitcases. Due to my own pride, I thought I would be able to be the girl that packs everything she needs in a duffle bag and a carry on size suitcase. Let’s just say I was wrong about that. Digging through my parents suitcase selection I found two standard size suitcases and filled them with things. Clothing, shoes, unmentionables, things I couldn’t bear to part with, and what not now fill these suitcases. When I was picking up a few things yesterday I realized I forgot to pack any of my jackets/coats. Eh, that means I am probably going to be bringing that duffle bag after all. Oh, did I mention I am taking a carry on and a backpack on the plane. Guess who is going to be paying overweight baggage fees and paying for a third bag? If you said me, get yourself a cookie, because you are correct. Oh so sadly correct.

I have said many times how excited I am to be going on this trip and to have this opportunity, it doesn’t make parting with family and friends, or stuff for that matter, any less difficult. Packing to move abroad means parting with lots of stuff. Lots and lots and lots. Far more stuff than I could have imagined. Some of which are my favorite things I have ever owned. Like my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Oh, she and I had many good times, baking cookies to both of our hearts content. More cakes, cookies, and goody goody yums have come from that stand mixer. Yet, I had to part with it. Same with all of my kitchen appliances. So how do I have so much stuff that it can’t fit in 2 suitcases, a carry on, and a backpack?! Eh. That is a very good question indeed.

Packing for a year (or two) looks like taking enough clothes for each season. Especially when you are going to be living in the Canadian equivalent of China (ooooooooosssshhhh)! It also looks like taking Nutella (thank you dear sweet Ashley for the God send of a giant container of Nutella), and pictures of beloved family and friends. It looks like taking shoes that fit my ginormo feet and unmentionables (that I am mentioning … ironic) that fit my average size American body, which is considered large or oversized there. Packing looks like making sure you have enough of what you need (and cannot buy there) for a year. Some things just cannot be done without – I’ll spare you for the sake that there may be some men that read this. I honestly do not think I have packed anything that I am super attached to and cannot let go of, if I did it would be my puppy dog. There have already been one too many jokes about my puppy becoming dinner, sorry Shaggy Dog – not to be confused with Snoop Dogg, although he does snoop and is a dog.

So there, that is how you pack for a year (or two). You pack clothes (don’t forget your jacket/coat!) and essentials. Oh, and things you can’t buy there.

Three days … well more like two and some hours, but who is really keeping count *shifts eyes*

China, ready or not, here I come!


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