Leaving means…

In six short days I will be on my way to a new country and a new job and a new way of life. Attempting to articulate what is going through my head as I realize I am leaving everything I have known for the past 25 years has become something extremely difficult. But, I will try to do so in a way that makes some sort of sense.

I have never thought of myself as one of those girls that lives in her home town her entire life, and now is my chance to prove that I am not that girl. (Not that there is anything wrong with that). Here is my “put your money where your mouth is” chance. Leaving the village and moving to a city. Leaving everything I know to learn everything new.

Over the past month, this is what it has meant for me:

Eating out for almost every meal as people say “ta-ta for now” and “see you later”.
Hugs and nuzzles from the dearest of the dear.
Wondering if this is all real or if it is just a dream.
A feeling of distance between everyone close to me before the miles have even been placed between our feet.
Lying in bed and thinking of all the memories with so many different people
Reminiscing over every place and every face.

It feels as though I am halfway between two places, which is basically where I am. I am halfway between my old home and my new one.

As I prepare to leave the place I have called home for so many years, I realize I am  heading to a new home ready to be filled with new memories.

Leaving means holding the memories dearer and not taking a single person or opportunity for granted.

This is not goodbye forever, but a “see you later”.


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