Mount Epiphany

A View From The Top

A View From The Top

When I was in S. Korea in April I had the wonderful experience of climbing the Bugak mountain (less climbing, more hiking). It is not a big mountain, but I am really … REALLY out of shape. So we had to stop two or three times going up the mountain for short breaks to catch our breath (mainly me eh). Once we got to the top of the mountain I had an epiphany, and it doesn’t just apply to the physical mountain we climbed.
“Making it to the top of the mountain is totally worth the pain it takes to get there.”
It was hard work to hike up the mountain. It was tough and sweaty and painful. Once we made it to the top I realized, all of the rough stuff to get there was totally worth the hike. Even now, I go through difficult things and it all seems in my face. That is, until I make it to the top of that particular peak, once I look out I can see where I went through those things. I may not see how this rock was necessary or that steep hike as a crucial part of the mountain. Yet, I realize it makes being at the top of the mountain so worth it. The view from the top is way better and is definitely preferred, but the journey to the top is what makes the view that much greater.
As I graduate, leave my current office position, and begin an adventure in a new country, I am elated. I can also see from the top of one peak all the pain and tough things I had to go trough to finally get where I am. Standing on this very peak I look across and see a new mountain to hike. A mountain full of new experiences, adventures, people, trials, and things I do not even know of at this point. There are so many places in my life (even now) that I wish I could look down from the “peak of the mountain,” but in order to do that I must climb.
For, it is not the destination, but the journey that truly matters.

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