Driving to an Undesignated Destination

Little Gem


Yesterday I went for a drive.

To clear my head and gain some new perspective.

As I walked outside of my apartment I looked under my bedroom window and looked at the beautiful flower bush that is in full bloom. In the past week this little gem seemed to have come out of no where. It wasn’t there when I moved in and this was the first time it really stood out and made itself noticeable (and very very beautiful) to me. It sits directly below my bedroom window at the head of my bed. I couldn’t help it, I had to take a picture of it. It made my smile so wide. I knew the drive I was going to go on was not an easy one, but it was much needed. It has been awhile since I have just gone; gone to an undesignated destination.

I like to call these drives my prayer drives. When I get in my car and I have no destination in mind, I just drive. The direction had been selected, the playlist started, and my foot was on the pedal. It was time to drive.

I was searching out answers. But this time, I was searching answers from my Father in the flowers. That was the only thing I wanted to physically see, flowers. I prayed for a field of them. A field is not what I found.

What I found was something better, something I needed. It was what I didn’t see that made the drive worth it.

I found a sweet little reminder that my Father loves me even though I am not deserving of that love. I look at that little gem underneath my bedroom window with such delight and far more perspective than I left yesterday afternoon.

Sometimes it is not what we see, it is what we don’t see that is what we need the most.


“Went driving in search of something yesterday. Didn’t find what I wanted, but I found something better; something I needed.” 


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