Born an Adventurer

Ahhh… to travel the world.

Most girls dream of big weddings and new clothes. My dreams, well they are that of wanderlust. Wanderlust is the strong innate desire to rove or travel about. This very accurately describes how I feel … constantly.

Growing up, if my dad heard someone mention a city, country, etc. he had never heard of or wasn’t sure of its exact location, he would look it up on an atlas. Over the years we have had a number of maps and atlases flow through our house like a steady river. It was something I grew up loving. It was an adventure in itself to just daydream of the places that still need exploring. I used to love walking through tall grass and pretending I was in a forest. A few miles from our grandparents house was a huge canyon. Ok, so it was an over glorified dirt pile, but in had canyon like features (I’ll keep telling myself that until the day I die). I loved when papa (my grandfather) would take us out there. There were snakes and dried up weeds and rocks and dirt hills and… so much to explore.

When people would tell me they had imaginary friends as a kid, I felt sad because I always pretended to have one but I knew I wasn’t one of “those” people. I wasn’t cut out to have an imaginary friend. I wanted (and craved) adventure even as a child. I daydreamed about the places people would mention, even if it was just in passing conversation.

In junior high I had an opportunity to go to a church camp in Florida called Big Stuff. It was the first time I had really gone away somewhere without my parents. I have always been the one willing to jump out of the next and try to fly, even before my wings were ready to spread out and fly me to safety. Because of my willingness to jump out and take flight I have had some really amazing adventures.

Some of those adventures include:
Caracas and Barquisimeto, Venezulea – 1 week trip
Orlando, FL – worked at Universal Studios for 10 weeks, worked at Discover Cove Sea World for 10 weeks
Rome, Italy – 1 week trip (and several fun airports – Switzerland, Germany, and Canada)

And my most recent trip to Seoul, South Korea will take place in two weeks. (More to come on this later)

I was born an adventurer and I plan to keep it that way.


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